Bush must also face blame for Iraq invasion

A reader says former president George W Bush must share the blame for the Iraq War. Other topics: salukis, Eid, American holidays.

A reader says former president George W Bush must share the blame for the Iraq War. Stephen Jaffe / AFP
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The Chilcot report, the most damning post-mortem into British involvement in the Iraqi war under the premiership of Tony Blair, should have gone further by blaming former United States president George W Bush (Chilcot report finds no place for Iraqis, July 7).

Britain would never have agreed to be part of the false- flag operation of blaming Saddan Hussein for having weapons of mass destruction were it not for Mr Blair’s closeness to Mr Bush.

The war cost unnecessary British lives and money, yet the beleaguered Mr Blair still defends his involvement in an action that is now widely regarded as having opened the door for ISIL. AR Modak, South Africa

Dogs are waiting for good homes

I refer to Nick Webster's story Salukis face uncertainty as dedicated dog rehomer leaves the UAE (July 6).

There is a group still active here in the UAE with 12 salukis under foster care waiting for a permanent home.

I have over 30 years of experience with salukis, having bred and raced them in my home country. They are a wonderful, gentle and loving breed.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai

Israel tries to hide it crimes

Joseph Dana's opinion article, Irsael points the finger at Facebook over violence (July 7), was instructive.

The Israelis are trying to censor their crimes on social media now.

Adbul Azees, UK

America not the best destination

The video of Emirati Ahmed Al Menhali being arrested by Ohio police officers was very scary (Don't fear US travel, Emiratis are told, July 7).

I’m afraid to go there and get arrested that way. It also worries me to to hear the way Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks.

There are other destinations to travel to – and we will be welcome there.

Muhanned Al Belooshi, Dubai

No one should be afraid to wear the beautiful kandura.

Gianmaria Vidale, Dubai

The treatment of this poor man was unacceptable. Emiratis should refuse to do business with the hotel chain in question. Name withheld by request

Tenants should face a penalty

There seems to be a lack of common sense in the case of the people who made unauthorised alterations to their rented home (Dubai tenant converts storeroom to bathroom, then complains about leaks, July 7).

It’s not as if they built their own villa and then made alterations. No tenant has the right to alter anything without the consent of their landlord.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome is for the tenants.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

I hope the tenants are fined for converting the storeroom into a bathroom.

Sameer Sheikh, Dubai

Cooperation can end Syrian war

In reference to Opposition groups' agreement points to a way forward in Syria (July 5), I am pleased that the Iranian and Syrian movements are working together.

I hope they overthrow Bashar Al Assad and bring peace and freedom to the good people of both countries.

Name withheld by request

Eid prayers went very smoothly

In reference to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed leads Eid prayers in Abu Dhabi (July 7), I had no problem getting to the Grand Mosque on Wednesday.

We arrived at 5.25am, were able to enter without traffic congestion and parking was available. Everything was smooth, although we saw plenty of people going back to their cars to leave their mobile phones.

There were X-ray machines, scanners and police dogs on duty,but after the security area people entered into the peaceful clearing towards the mosque steps.

Name withheld by request