A difficult concept

Place Called Home gives us something to think about: what does ‘home’ really mean?

arzad Bayat, Nancy Saade and John Sammon while filming A Place Called Home. Courtesy Farzad Bayat, Saluki Media
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One thing we all share – no matter our race, beliefs or income – is that we all want a place to call home. But what is home?

The documentary A Place Called Home, which is available to watch in full on The National's website, prompts us to think about the concept of home. The notion is too subjective and relative to be captured in one short definition. Some of us view home as where we live and work. Some others see it as the place where they were born. Others think it's where we gather with our family and friends. And of course some of us think that home is where the hearth is, meaning that it's wherever we long to be.

The flow of people around the globe makes it even more difficult to narrow down the concept. In today’s world, many people have two (or more) places they consider to be home. What’s simple for some can be complicated for others.