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I once read a quote that said: 'Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice' and let me tell you, it has stuck with me ever since.

We've all experienced our faire share of pain in this lifetime, whether mental, physical or emotional, and some more intense than others.

But how we choose to respond can be up to us.

In this week's Beshara newsletter, I shed light on those who have chosen to turn their pain into power.

There's an unmatched sense of strength in choosing to pick oneself up after being kicked down one too many times. I am genuinely in awe of such people, and I know you will be too.


Fatima Mahmoud

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Freedom flotilla highlights Irish and Palestinian shared struggles

A ship sailing from Norway to Gaza as part of a campaign to raise aid and awareness of the nearly two-decade-long naval blockade of the Palestinian enclave is due to dock in the Irish town of Cobh this weekend. Irish residents of the County Cork port have been waiting to welcome the freedom flotilla with a number of rallies and events to express their relentless support for the people of Gaza.

The people of Cobh say the ship reminds them of their own history under British occupation - as their town’s port remained under the control of the British navy for years even after independence.

“Our message to the free nations of the world was a plea for international recognition of our independence, emphasising our distinct national identity, our historical struggle and our right to self-determination and justice,” said Ireland's Prime Minister Simon Harris last month. “Today, we use the same language to support the recognition of Palestine as a state.”

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'Don't give up. I've seen death so many times. I should have died a year ago, but here I am. I’ve seen so many miracles, and so will you'

- After being told she would not survive the deadly cystic fibrosis that had killed her three siblings, Nada Mohamed refused to give up hope that she would beat the condition. Read her full story and find out what saved her here.


After mass grave discoveries, life returns to Gaza hospital

Al Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza has reopened to patients, after sieges by the Israeli military turned it into a site of mass graves.

Following intensive work by the Gaza Ministry of Health, the complex in the city of Khan Younis has started to receive patients in the neonatal intensive care unit and other departments, officials said.

The hospital and its patients – some only days old – endured months of suffering while it was besieged by Israeli troops. After they left, mass graves with at least 400 bodies were uncovered at the complex in April.

Read the full story here.



The first three PhD graduates of Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence in Abu Dhabi are dedicating their careers to using AI more efficiently in health care and data analysis.

Numan Saeed, 32, from Pakistan, wants to utilise the technology to enhance the diagnosis and prognosis of head and neck cancer, which is the seventh-most common cancer globally. Its early detection is often difficult due to differing symptoms depending on where it appears.

AI can help accurately pinpoint the cancer's location, to "significantly alleviate the burden on healthcare systems", says Mr Saeed.

Meanwhile William de Vazelhes, 30, and Hilal Mohammad Hilal Al Quabeh, 31, have focused on using computing resources to make AI work more efficiently, optimising its algorithms as it becomes more ubiquitous across industries.

Read more about their work here.

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A selection of positive stories on our @thenationalimpact account


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