The in-flight iftars offered on Emirates, Etihad, flydubai and Oman Air this Ramadan

Taking a flight during the holy month? Regional airlines have everything you need to break your fast on board

Emirates will distribute iftar meals for passengers travelling during Ramdan. Emirates
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Fasting passengers travelling by air have traditionally had to plan ahead when flying during Ramadan.

Travellers had to ensure that they came prepared with snacks or food packed in their hand luggage as an easily accessible option when the sun went down.

However, if you’re flying with Emirates, Etihad or flydubai, then the airlines have got you covered with a host of iftar choices.

Etihad’s iftar options

Etihad will provide iftar meals for passengers travelling during Ramadan. Etihad 
Etihad will provide iftar meals for passengers travelling during Ramadan. Etihad 

The Abu Dhabi airline is continuing its regular food and beverage offerings throughout the holy month, but is also serving Ramadan snacks and drinks.

Crew members are ready to hand out iftar bags to passengers when the time comes to break the daily fast. In business and first-class cabins, an iftar platter has been added to the food menu, offering hot appetisers, soup, dates, juices and laban.

If your flight is set to land just before it's time to break your fast, you’ll get a takeaway bag filled with laban, water and dates, so you'll have something to eat when the sun goes down.

If you're flying in economy class, cabin crew will distribute date boxes and laban alongside your regular tray meal on medium and long-haul flights. If you are on a short-haul flight, then you can expect a Ramadan bag filled with sweet and savoury snacks, laban, water and dates.

Lastly, if you are travelling on a flight that is set to depart very close to iftar time, Etihad will deliver Ramadan bags to the gate, which will be distributed to passengers before boarding.

Breaking your fast with Emirates

Emirates will offer iftar boxes. Emirates
Emirates will offer iftar boxes. Emirates

For passengers flying in the Middle East or Gulf region, or on longer-haul flights that coincide with iftar timings, Emirates has a variety of Ramadan offerings.

In first and business class, iftar meals have been added to menus and customers can also try a selection of seasonal ice creams, with flavours like date, cinnamon baklava or Arabic coffee.

Ramadan boxes, with a design inspired by the people, places and culture of the region, are also being offered on flights throughout the holy month. Contents vary but typically include a salad, sandwiches, fatayer, Arabic bread, dates, laban and water.

Trays of dates and water are also being offered to customers on several flights before iftar and imsak times – the airline expects to serve one million dates to passengers on board and on the ground. And if you're on a daytime flight to Jeddah or Madinah, you don't need to worry about the scent of hot food during fasting, as all meals will be served cold until it's time to break fast.

Ramadan boxes on flydubai

Low-cost airline flydubai will serve all customers complimentary iftar boxes to break their fast on any flights travelling or landing around sunset. If you are flying economy, you'll get traditional dates and water, and can also pre-order an iftar meal. Those flying in business can tuck into specially created iftar boxes that are filled with assorted dates, juices and a complimentary main meal.

Onboard with Oman Air

Oman's national carrier also offers in-flight iftar for travellers flying during the holy month. The specially designed boxes are available in all cabin classes. Inside, passengers can find seasonal fruits, finger sandwiches and traditional dates, maamoul and laban.

Passengers travelling in premium cabins where flights are set to land just before iftar time will get carry-off bags to enjoy a convenient meal after disembarking.


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