Rovio is back with Bad Piggies

Missing Angry Birds? Well, Rovio returns with a new game, this time focused on the piggies.

Rovio's new Bad Piggies game.
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Bad Piggies
iOS, Android

There was probably a moment in the past year when you realised you should stop playing Angry Birds. Who knows, perhaps you’d already completely every single incarnation of the game. Maybe you’d developed blisters on your hands.

In any case, your productivity probably rose sharply overnight when you did. Well, Rovio is back to eat into your days, only this time it’s those devious egg-loving piggies under your control.

It's more thoughtful than before, with your goal being to build a vehicle to propel your porker through a series of obstacle courses. Being somewhat harder, it might not reach the same heights as the birds. But even though it's only been out a week, it's almost undoubtedly forced thousands of deadlines back.