Parrot Zik Rose Gold. Courtesy Wamli
Parrot Zik Rose Gold. Courtesy Wamli

The hot list: Headphones to coffee making and apple baking

Selina Denman

1 Getting a-head

These are a real treat. Whether you are a headphones snob or not, this Philippe Starck-designed headset almost looks too good to use. It comes with Bluetooth, active noise cancellation and touch control. Best of all, you can use it to listen to music and receive calls.

• Parrot Zik Rose Gold, Dh1,597,

2 Diva-worthy drinks

It’s hardly subtle, but if it feels like your kitchen just isn’t quite flashy enough, the Bugatti Diva coffee machine can lend a helping hand. Whether your tastes veer towards ground coffee or coffee pods, or if you want a cappuccino or macchiato, the Diva will deliver.

• Bugatti Diva coffee machine, Dh3,290, Jashanmal stores nationwide

3 Cashing in

The House of Money is the perfect place to store all those wayward dirhams that might otherwise disappear down the back of the sofa. Made from fine bone china with a pretty coral accent, it’s slightly more sophisticated than your average piggy bank.

• House of Money, Dh157,

4 An apple a day

This is one of the simplest ways we know to create a truly scrumptious dessert. Just wash and core an apple, place it into this handcrafted baker, add some dried fruit, sugar and butter, and pop it into the oven for 30 minutes. Just don’t forget to add vanilla ice cream once it’s done.

• Apple baker by Irene’s Pots, Dh90,

5 Laptop lift-off

The UK-based KICO specialises in cushioned laptop trays. Designed to accommodate 17-inch laptops and a separate mouse on the side, the trays feature a solid flat surface that will allow your machine to ventilate naturally and a cushioned underside. There are about 200 designs on offer, as well as the opportunity to personalise your tray with photos or artwork, but this old-school Space Blast model will do us just fine. Say goodbye to scorched thighs.

• Space Blast Laptop Tray, Dh179,

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