Sew your own curtains in six easy steps

This classic style of curtain has invisible tabs at the back and is easier to make than you might think.

Step 1. Position the tabs along the edge of the fabric. Josie Hogben /Kevin Swarts / Christo Lötter / Gallo Images
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Only basic machine skills are needed to make this style of curtain with invisible tabs at the back that produce a classic window-panel effect. The wrong side of the curtain is photographed here to show you the tab detail. The finished curtain is 140cm wide and 218cm long

You will need:

(For each drop)

235 x 150cm cotton fabric

White sewing thread

3m of buckram tape, 9.5cm wide (if you are unable to find this tape, use kirsch tape)

Tape measure

Dressmaking pins

Before you begin:

Fold a 2.5cm double hem along each side and press.

Top-stitch the side seams in place.

Fold a 7.5cm double hem along the lower edge and topstitch it in place.

Stitch the hem at the side seams through all the layers of fabric.

1 The tabs are made from the buckram tape. Cut seven tabs each 13cm long. With the right side of the curtain facing, and starting from the right-hand side, position the tabs. Leave 7.5mm at the side edge then place the first tab, making sure the tape and raw edge of the fabric align. Leave 12cm between the tabs. Continue in this way until all seven tabs are pinned; you should have a space of 7.5mm at the left-hand edge when all the tabs are positioned.

2 Tack the tabs in position to secure. Fold over a 1.5cm hem, including the tab tops, and stitch in place. Remove the pins. Cut a strip of buckram tape to fit the width of the curtain, leaving a seam allowance at each side edge. Place it on top of the tabs, lining up with the top of the curtain, and pin in place. Machine stitch the tape in place, working the stitching close to the edge.

3 Fold the tape over to the back of the curtain and press. Now fold the loose end of each tab under the tape and pin in place.

4 Turn the curtain over to the right side and work a row of topstitching along the top edge. Make sure the layers of the tape are sandwiched neatly into the seam.

5 Turn the curtain over to the wrong side. Stitch the lower edge of the tape and tabs in place. Fold under the seam allowance at the raw ends of the tape and press. Sew to the side seams, making sure all layers of fabric are caught in the seam.

6 With the wrong side of the curtain facing you, slip the curtain rod carefully through each tab and hang the rod on the fitting.

Note: Once the curtain has been hanging for a couple of days, fold the fabric in between each tab to create a definite fold.