The tourist attraction has created a web page that details Dubai's growth ove the last decade using interesting statistics and cool graphics.

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DUBAI // To convey the growth of Dubai in the past 10 years in a single presentation was no small task for Christophe Hobeika and his team at Jumeirah.

The creative director behind the website for Madinat Jumeirah managed to use statistics and illustrations in a presentation that begins at “dawn” and ends with a night-time view of the spectacular Dubai skyline.

“You start during the day on the first slide and the more you scroll you end up at night in a display of the skyline of Dubai and all the projects that have pushed this city in the past decade,” said Mr Hobeika, 26, the marketing manager at Madinat Jumeriah, which is marking 10 years since it opened.

The project showcases 10 facts about Dubai and how it has changed in the past decade, spanning population growth, turtle landings and art exhibitions.

The population of the city has gone from 1.17 million to 2.25 million, which equates to 300 people moving to Dubai every day. As for the way in which those people have arrived in the city, Dubai International Airport received 21 million passengers in 2004, a figure that had tripled by this year.

“It’s amazing to see. This was really a way for us to show how much Dubai has changed in the past 10 years and how much it continues to grow,” Mr Hobeika said.

As the creative team began to put together ideas to tell the story of how a sleepy fishing village became an international destination, Mr Hobeika and his team decided that it was the monumental landmarks of the city that should be showcased.

Madinat Jumeirah created the project to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and highlight its own growth.

The famous abras, traditional wooden boats used as the main mode of transport in Madinat Jumeirah, have carried 3.3 million passengers in the 10 years, or just more than 1.5 times the population of the city itself.

“To show the 10 years, it was our job to find 10 facts. We chose the ones that represent how much our city grew,” said Mr Hobeika, who is French-Lebanese.

Dubai Mall, for example, hosted 75 million visitors last year, more than the entire number of tourists travelling to the US.

“I think my favourite is the fact that 443 million passengers have travelled on the Dubai Metro since its beginning in 2009,” Mr Hobeika said. “That’s more than the entire population of the Middle East.”

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