UAE retailers struggle to meet demand for iPhone 6

Some UAE residents took to social media to voice frustration about not being able to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

The new iPhone is proving to be a huge success in the UAE
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ABU DHABI // Telecoms providers say they are working on replenishing their stock to meet demand for the newest models of Apple’s iPhone.

Etisalat told customers on Twitter that availability varies for the iPhone 6.

“Currently, the stock for iPhone 6 is not available in all stores due to high demand on the new phone,” the company told a customer on Twitter. “We’re working on stocking all our stores soon with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

Du said last week that it had provisioned a “sufficient quantity” of the smartphones.

“The availability of models may vary from one shop to the other, but this is constantly being monitored and stock is being replenished as necessary,” the company said in a statement.

Some customers took to social media to voice frustration about not being able to buy the iPhone. Etisalat directed customers to a list of store locations to check with them whether the phones were in stock.

Bishr Malahfji, a Syrian student and editor living in Dubai, said he registered to buy an iPhone 6 on Wednesday at an Etisalat stand at the Gitex Shopper exhibition.

He received a call the next morning that it was available, but by the time he finished work two hours later, it had sold out.

“On my way back home I passed by several Etisalat outlets but it was hopeless because it’s sold out, and until now I keep asking any Etisalat outlet I pass by in any mall and they all give me the same answer,” said Mr Malahfji, 22.

Mr Malahfji said he wondered how soon it would be available because he hasn’t been given a specific date, but guessed that the high demand was typical.

“I’m not sure why this is happening, but I guess it’s normal because it’s an Apple product,” he said.

“Such stuff happens even in America.”

Official sales for the newly released phones started in the UAE on September 27, after the company first launched the phones on September 19.

Prices for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 start at Dh2,599, while the larger iPhone 6 Plus starts at Dh2,999.

In August, Apple listed job openings for sales positions in Dubai, fuelling rumours that the tech giant would open the region's first Apple store.