The Dubai First Royale card is a millionaire's best friend

The Dubai First Royale credit card can make dreams come true, for those few who qualify.

With a solitaire diamond in the middle, the invite-only Royale card is intended for royalty and the world's multimillionaires. Courtesy of Dubai First
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The left-hand side and top edge are trimmed with gold, and in the middle, set on a stark black background, is a white .235-carat solitary diamond.

According to Dubai First, the consumer-finance subsidiary of Dubai Group, there are approximately 58,000 multimillionaires living in the UAE. But it takes more than money to slip the Dubai First Royale card in your wallet - you have to be invited.

"What do these clients require?" asks Ibrahim al Ansari, the chief executive of Dubai First. "What are their needs? It's not money - it's service. You ask for the moon and we try and get it."

The Royale card - which Mr al Ansari says is "the most exclusive credit card in the world" - is available to members of the royal family and individuals in the ultra-high-net-worth category.

Although most of its members are Emirati, it's open to clients from around the world. You can apply for the card, but the vast majority of members are actively scouted by Dubai First.

With Royale, there is no credit limit and zero restrictions. In fact, the client's limit will change based on the individual's spending habits.

"The needs of these clients are different," says Amit Marawah, the senior vice president and head of marketing and communications for Dubai First. "Whatever he or she wants to swipe it on, the transaction must go through. If the client likes a yacht on holiday, he or she should be able to buy it."

Another unique feature of the Royale is that there are no specific benefits. These clients, Mr Marawah says, are not interested in discounts on dry cleaning. Instead, this credit card offers not only a dedicated relationship manager for financial matters, but a lifestyle manager, available 24 hours a day, for personal requests.

Want two tickets to the Oscars? That can be arranged.

In partnership with Quintessentially, the luxury services company, the Royale management team has organised just about everything for their clients.

When a customer wanted to try the latest Porsche, for example, the company arranged for him to fly to Stuttgart, Germany, for a test drive. Recently, at the Formula 1 weekend, seven Royale members were brought to a private chalet to watch the race.

Although Mr Marawah wouldn't specify the exact number of cardholders, he says there are "about a few hundred members".

The interest rate is set at 2.59 per cent a month, which can be adjusted based on spending patterns and the frequency of payments. There is also a Dh7,000 joining fee.

For more information on the Royale, visit But remember, when it comes to this credit card, the philosophy is don't call us, we'll call you.