Dubai customer happy after bank reverses charges, but still disappointed for lack of apology

Customer is happy with the outcome but disappointed not to have received any kind of apology despite having been with the bank for more than 12 years.

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Following renewal of my annual trade licence I took a copy to the nearest branch of my bank, Emirates NBD, in early August as I do every single year. I handed it to a member of staff with the relevant account details and was told that it would be entered on the system. A couple of months ago I realised that I was being charged Dh250 a month for "late business licence". This fee has been charged for either five or six months, as the branch seems unable to provide copies of statement for the past six months to verify. I reported the problem to the branch in person, but they did nothing at all for nearly three weeks and each time I called I was told "the branch manager was in a meeting". After numerous phone calls and emails I was eventually told the head office has now approved a fee reversal of only Dh750, which equates to just three months' worth of charges, and they cannot explain the shortfall. Time and again the branch has been unhelpful and I am getting nowhere. Can you assist and get the bank to repay me the money taken in error? SC, Dubai

I referred this issue to my contacts at Emirates NBD who investigated, and nine days after initial contact the bank advised that as a “service gesture” for the customer’s relationship with them they had arranged to reverse the remaining charges to his account. SC has confirmed that the payment has since been received. Emirates NDB no longer provides statements to the press other than to say an issue has been resolved, which is correct. SC is happy with the outcome but has stated that he is disappointed not to have received any kind of apology despite having been a customer of the bank for more than 12 years.

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