My Luxury Life: Madame Laudomia Pucci

Mme Pucci is the daughter of the renowned fashion designer Emilio Pucci. She is currently the deputy chairperson and image director at the Italian fashion house and resides at Palazzo Pucci in Florence with her husband and three children.

Madame Laudomia Pucci at The Galleria mall on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi. Silvia Razgova / The National
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If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be? Anywhere by the beach. I think it's the Italian in me, but I love being close to the sea.
You're sitting down to the perfect dinner. What are you eating and who is with you? Vegetables, preferably fresh ones, and I'm with my husband and three children.
What grooming product or treatment do you swear by? Terracotta by Guerlain.
Where are your favourite shops or shopping districts? Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.
You're going on a holiday and you can only pack 10 things. What would they be? I always pack 10 things or less: black trousers, black shoes, Pucci scarf and dress, blazer, white shirt, toothbrush and moisturiser.
What era do you feel like you should've grown up in? I think this one we're in is great. Women have so many more opportunities than our children even realise.
Train, plane, boat or car? Plane, because it's the fastest.
What is your most treasured possession? A ring my father gave me with the Pucci family crest on it – I always wear it. When I was a little girl, the Italian government took all of our gold, so our father made the ring in stainless steel – a difficult material to create such fine detailing.
Describe your life in five words or less. Privileged, blessed, full and happy.
What, in your opinion, is the most overrated luxury? False marketing. Everyone in the luxury market was guilty of that in the past but it's getting better now.
How do you spend your spare time? I have very little spare time! With a husband and three children, plus my work and looking after the Fondazione Emilio Pucci, I barely have any time to myself. When I do get a minute, I like to do some yoga.
What new designers are you most excited about? I love keeping an eye on new accessories designers. Right now it's Nicholas Kirkwood and Sigerson Morrison.
What is the one item you feel lost without? My Samsung phone, which also acts as a watch. At first, I didn't know how to use it.
Where are you during the Pucci fashion shows? I used to be backstage when I first started – that was very stressful. But now I'm at the front.
What's your next must-have purchase? Some earrings from the gold souq in Dubai for my daughter.
What's your top piece of fashion advice? Women these days try too hard – they're already beautiful creatures.
What's your biggest failing? Not remembering names. I'm very good with faces but not names.