Ikea at 25: rounding-up five must-buy classics

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It is 25 years since Ikea opened its first store in the UAE. Launched in 1991 as part of the Al Futtaim Group in Dubai, with its first store in Karama, the brand has since become a lifeline for residents looking for affordable items for their home. To begin the 25-year celebrations, Ikea presented the Life@Home exhibit during Dubai Design Week, offering a look at its 73-year history and exploring its “democratic design” concept, which centres on the five elements of quality, affordability, functionality, good form and sustainability. The brand will continue to mark the occasion with exclusive product deals, cash-back offers and new speciality dishes at its restaurants. There will also be family friendly activities that include home-furnishing masterclasses, children’s craft workshops and cooking classes. In our own tribute to the enduring appeal of this Swedish uber-brand, we present five Ikea classics that we couldn’t live without.

Krusning pendant lamp

This pretty pendant lamp looks like it might come with a hefty price tag, but actually retails at a mere Dh45 – so it’s stylish enough to pass off as a designer piece, without breaking the bank. It’s also customisable – you can combine the lamp with a chord of your choice, and can arrange, fold, twist and crumple the paper layers into shapes of your making.


With a price tag of as little as Dh7, Ikea’s scented candles always manage to find their way into our trolley. With a wide array of colours, shapes and scents to choose from, they are total no-brainers.

Kallax shelving unit

The Kallax shelving unit is a ubiquitous feature in homes across the UAE – and indeed the world. Easy (ish) to assemble, and available in countless variations, its open-backed, square shelves are perfect for dividing spaces, showcasing knick-knacks or storing books and other, larger items. The lightwood version is trademark Ikea, but, if you ask us, the white works better.

PS Vago

The PS Vago chair stands low to the ground and offers a deep, 92-centimetre long seat, giving it interesting dimensions. Best of all, it requires absolutely no maintenance and even if you leave it outdoors, has proven itself more than capable of withstanding the brutal summers.

Stockholm rug

You can’t really go wrong with a black-and-white stripe. The Stockholm rug is handwoven by craftsmen in India and has a durable wool surface that means it can be used in high traffic areas of your home. It’s easy to vacuum because of its flatwoven surface and has the same pattern on both sides, so can be turned over – which means it will last for years. At Dh675, we’d say that’s a pretty solid investment.