Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012: Monday October 15 film picks

A still from The Patience Stone featuring Golshifteh Farahani. Courtesy Atiq Rahimi
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It's rather tricky picking just three films out of each day's schedule for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Don't ask us how, but we've managed it again, with a combo including a Cannes competitor, an Oscar contender and one rather fine documentary.

After the Battle If you missed the gala screening on Friday, this could be your last chance to see Yousry Nasrallah's Cannes-premiering drama set in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution. After the Battle follows the story of a middle-class activist and her brief, but politically charged relationship with a horseman who was coerced into attacking protestors in Tahrir Square on February 2 last year. Marina Mall, Vox 5, 4pm

A World Not Ours Part episode of The Wonder Years, part eye-opening history lesson, Mahdi Fleifel's colourful documentary sees the London-based Palestinian director return to the Ain Al-Hilweh refugee camp in south Lebanon where he grew up, and introduces to a collection of absorbing characters a script could never do justice to. Hilarious in parts and emotional in other, A World Not Ours is a superb window into the lives of those trapped in a situation where hope is all too often a far-flung concept. Highly recommended. Marina Mall, Vox 4, 9.15pm The Patience Stone Golshifteh Farahani almost puts on a one-woman show in this drama, adapted from the director Atiq Rahimi's own novel, about an Afghan woman who opens up to her husband while he lies in a coma. Expect to hear more of this film, as it's Afghanistan's official entry to the foreign language section of the Academy Awards next year. Marina Mall, Vox 6, 9.30pm