Gigi and Bella Hadid, Huda Kattan and Susan Sarandon among stars to speak out in solidarity with Palestine: 'The world is watching'

As Israel-Gaza violence continues, a number of celebrities use their social media platform to show support

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A number of celebrities have taken to social media to voice their solidarity with the Palestinian families facing evictions in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah as violent clashes continue.

At least 53 Palestinians, including 14 children, have been killed in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, and 320 wounded, mostly as a result of air strikes.

The violence has sparked protests in major cities around the world, and caused a number of influential stars to use their voice on social media to speak out in support of the Palestinian people.

Huda Kattan 

The beauty mogul has uploaded videos to her personal account as well as her business account, Huda Beauty, speaking out in support of Palestine.

In one post, she writes that she isn't sure if her post will be "deleted, hidden, or if it will be unpopular" before sharing a three-minute video of herself discussing what's happening in Israel and how the world needs to unite to fight injustice.

In the other post on Huda Beauty, there's a video showing cities around the world marching in solidarity with Palestine, with a long caption accompanying the post.

"These past days I've been extremely speechless seeing the things people from Palestine are experiencing and have been experiencing for years and years!
"It was about time the world stands up for humanity and it truly touches my heart seeing people from this generation going to the streets and spreading worldwide awareness about the situation in Palestine. At this point it's the world against politics, the people against the government and we'll keep fighting until Palestine is free."

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel, who is of Palestinian heritage, shared a post on Instagram on Tuesday, which has since gone viral. “One cannot advocate for racial equality, LGBT and women’s rights, condemn corrupt and abusive regimes and other injustices yet choose to ignore the Palestinian oppression. It does not add up,” the post reads. “You cannot pick and choose whose human rights matter more.”

Bella Hadid

Her younger sister and fellow supermodel Bella Hadid also shared some words to her Instagram Stories. “I feel the pain of my ancestors. I cry for them. I cry for my Palestinian brothers and sisters there now, feeling unsafe and scared,” she said.

She also later posted a black and white image to her Instagram grid, which read: "Future generations will look back in disbelief and wonder how we allowed the Palestinian suffering to continue for so long. A human tragedy unfolding right in front of our eyes.

“Politicians stutter neutral words in fear of being reprimanded, whilst the world remains silent to avoid offending the wrong people.”

Dua Lipa

Popstar Dua Lipa, whose boyfriend is Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of Bella and Gigi, shared her thoughts on her Instagram stories. "The world needs to intervene and put a stop to this," she wrote.

Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway shared a message on her Instagram page calling for a de-escalation of the violence. "It's breaking my heart to see the terrible, escalating violence in Palestine and Israel, the bloodshed, the deaths, and the children killed," she wrote.

"I join UN Women and all those calling for immediate de-escalation of the conflict. Everyone has the right to live in peace and dignity."

Mark Ruffalo

The Hulk actor took to Twitter to call for sanctions to help free the Palestinian people. "1500 Palestinians face expulsion in #Jerusalem," he wrote. "200 protesters have been injured. 9 children have been killed. Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people – it's time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call. #SheikhJarrah"

Bernice King

The daughter of Martin Luther King Jr wrote in a tweet: “Bombing children and targeting houses of worship is wrong.

“I pray that I never pledge allegiance to any ideology or methodology that would stop me from believing that.”

Susan Sarandon

Actress and activist Susan Sarandon wrote in a tweet supporting the Palestinian people: "Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are facing ethnic cleansing and being terrorised at the hands of the Israeli government and Jewish settler organisations.

“The world is watching.”

Paris Hilton

The heiress and reality television star has tweeted several times to express her sadness at the news coming out of Palestine. Sharing a video of a young girl speaking after her neighbours were killed in an airstrike, she wrote: "This hurts my heart. No one should have to live in fear. My heart goes out to the little girl and the other children around her."

She later tweeted: "Sending love and light around the world. Praying for peace to make the world a better place for all."

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