Ricotta Records: Tiny record store by Anonymouse pops up in Sweden

The artists' collective has unveiled its latest miniature installation

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Anonymouse strikes again.

The incognito Swedish artists' collective is known for building mouse-themed miniatures and displaying them along the walls of public streets. Their latest work is a mini record store called Ricotta Records on Nygatan Street in Lund, Sweden.

Destiny's Cheese and Minor Enemy are some of the records on view from the store window, while an Instagram upload offers a closer look at the posters that line the walls inside, depicting artists such as Dolly Parsley, Rats Against the Machine and Johnny Cashew.

“Hello music lovers! We continue our stay in Lund by opening a record store. Swing by and listen to some sweet jazz, pre-order Lady Gouda's latest or buy yourself a mini disc,” Anonymouse added on Instagram.

“We would also like to thank the municipality of Lund for inviting us and encouraging really small business owners.”

In July, Anonymouse returned to work after a six-month absence with a tiny Cicada Pharmacy in the city.

“Anonymouse is doing a bit of staycation and checking out the neighbouring mousipality, we stumbled over the classic pharmacy 'the cicada'," an Instagram post unveiling the work added. "Swing by ... but remember to keep a tail's length between you!”

The works of Anonymouse first appeared in 2016 in the Swedish city of Malmo, with a tiny French shop and equally small Italian restaurant next to it.

Both were filled with mouse-related themes including a menu of cheese and crackers and posters outside advertising local rodent-related events, such as a horror film called Night of the Were-rat.

Other projects in the past include an amusement park at Sodra Forstadsgatan and two shops and a gas station in Boras.


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