#LetItBloomDubai: artist goes viral with series showing Dubai with lush greenery

Jyo John Mulloor is the digital artist who is also behind #LetItSnowDubai

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Artist Jyo John Mulloor’s creativity continues to lead to stunning creations. After wowing viewers last month with his images that showed Dubai and its attractions covered in snow as part of his series #LetItSnowDubai, he has returned with another project that is equally as mesmerising.

Called #LetItBloomDubai, the new project has Mulloor reimagining the emirate full of greenery, a stark contrast from the vast desert scenes usually associated with it and the rest of the country.

While the snow in Dubai series came from a dream, Mulloor describes the greenery as more of a vision.

“My big idea behind #LetItBloomDubai is a pledge to plant,” says Mulloor. “I am planning to do some challenges on social media and anyone can join me.”

He says his idea for the project will involve several initiatives, including partnering with a supplier who can plant a tree in the emirate for supporters of the project.

“The supplier will plant a tree in Dubai and send your Google co-ordinates so even if you are outside the UAE you can still see the tree growing from satellite,” he says.

Another initiative involves making filters on apps such as Instagram to help spread awareness.

In my childhood, when I played outside, I still remember butterflies and birds
Jyo John Mulloor

It’s his concern over global warming that really drives him to create the images. “Only with trees can we reduce the temperature here,” he says.

He says he hopes he can get the municipality to partake in the project, too.

Mulloor, who is from Kerala in India, lives in Dubai with his wife and seven-year-old daughter. He says he likes how the area he resides in stays cooler because of its greenery.

“I’m staying in Remraam community. If you know the place, even the summer temperature is not that bad. It’s not fully green, but 30 per cent green, and it’s full of birds and parrots.”

He compares this to India. He says a return trip home also inspired his series.

“In my childhood, when I played outside, I still remember butterflies and birds. In the morning, I’d always wake up with their sound only,” he says.

“Last time I was in India, I could hear the sounds of motors, and no butterflies or birds at all. I told my daughter, ‘We had a time like that, but I don’t think you will in your future.’”

He believes the UAE can be different and credits the country's visionary approach to nature, such as creating artificial ponds and improving facilities such as parks and open spaces.

Last year, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, set forward a plan to overhaul the emirate's urban landscape by 2040. Part of those plans include vast swathes of green areas in the city, with 60 per cent of Dubai to be dedicated to nature reserves.

“In India we had that naturally and we destroyed it. I am sure my second home can get back what I lost in first home.”

So far, Mulloor has unveiled images that show everything from Hatta to the Dubai Frame and the Dubai skyline to Atlantis, The Palm, surrounded by lush greenery.

While the images don’t take long to create, he says the first two or three were the most time-consuming because they needed 3D imagery to fix the land from the same angle and lighting. He also admits that it was harder to add the greenery than it was to add the snow.

Mulloor says he has no plans to sell the digital creations, but rather he simply enjoys the positive feedback he has received about his works.

“Negative comments also come sometimes, but I take only the positive vibes when I visualise something.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Jyo John Mulloor's #LetItSnowDubai series:

Updated: April 06, 2022, 12:29 PM