Where's the joy in Real Madrid's game?

Jose Mourinho's vision of football as a form of warfare has not made him many fans, a reader says. Other letter topics: Florida voters, Kurds and Turkey, Lebanon and Syria, property and dubstep.

I agree with Terri Fine at the University of Central Florida who argues that foreign policy is the most obvious way to appeal to ethnic and religious groups in the 2012 US presidential elections (Republicans compete on foreign soil in Florida, January 29).

That seems to be the reason why the two leading Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, have attempted to engage with the Latino and Jewish communities in Florida. Both communities have historically played a significant role in the outcome of primary elections in the state of Florida.

But Florida, like the rest of the United States, is a complex political landscape. In north and central Florida, Republicans dominate, whereas in south Florida Democrats have historically done well. Therefore the idea that a politician can "come to Florida and collect the Hispanic vote" is not true.

Any candidate, Republican or Democrat, who supports poverty-reduction programmes domestically and abroad, promotes comprehensive immigration reforms, and encourages educational equity will likely win the majority of votes.

Florida is a significant state and there is great importance attributed by the candidates to the Latino and Jewish votes. It is time to see whether the Obama administration will benefit from the "stick with the devil we know" mentality, or if a new direction will emerge when the primary polls open in Florida tomorrow.

Gaye Caglayan, Dubai

Address Kurdish issue during visit

I was delighted to read news of the presidential visit by Abdullah Gul of Turkey to the UAE (GCC and Turkey united on Syria, January 29). I wonder whether he will hear of the concern and interest of outsiders on a solution to the so-called "Kurdish issue"?

Name withheld on request

Lebanon is playing it safe with Syria

Your news story Mikati 'shies away' from upheavals in Syria (January 29) explains in detail why and how Lebanon's prime minister, Najib Mikati, has developed a reputation as a moderately pro-Syrian politician and a close friend of the President Bashar Al Assad.

It seems that Mr Mikati prioritises Lebanon's interests in light of developments and changes taking place in this part of the world and prefers to remain on the safe side when it comes to unrest in neighbouring Syria that might have grave repercussions on Lebanon.

He should be satisfied that the UAE has stood by Lebanon and both countries hope that security and stability will prevail in Syria.

Ali Sedat Budak, Abu Dhabi

Real Madrid is still sporting disgrace

This distorted vision of reality sounds like it has been spewed out by a collective of Mourinho's camp followers (Jose Mourinho has grown tired of perpetual power struggle at Real Madrid, January 29).

Mourinho was hired with a specific mission to end Barca's dominance. The evidence of his failure is that even though Real Madrid has a seven point La Liga lead over their great rivals, nobody believes that he has done that. And what has brought greater shame on the club is the negative and violent tactics he has unsuccessfully employed in this effort, epitomised in the Champions League semi-finals last year when several Real Madrid players should have been charged with vicious assaults, not simply yellow or red cards.

Mourinho is the darling of much of the English press yet he has few admirers elsewhere. Why is that? Is it perhaps that his approach to football as a grinding war of attrition rather than a feat of joyous technical accomplishment and skill registers only in that country?

Which country's team is world and Euro champions and which has failed to make the final of any major championship for years?

A Thorpe, Abu Dhabi

Property laws are a work in progress

Why don't Discovery Garden residents have an owners association that will take care of their problems? (Gardens turn into battlefield over services, January 29). Why are they dependent on Nakheel?

The bigger question, for me, is why people buy property when it is difficult to get a permanent residency visa. I don't see any logic in investing in property.

But beyond that, property laws are still evolving; you do not know which way it will tilt, meaning the owners are often left in the lurch.

KB Vijayakumar, Dubai

Old school dub is new mainstream

As a Dubstep producer, both old school and mainstream styles make the genre, in my opinion, one of the most innovative (Dubstep's giant steps, May 22). It also makes it the most engaging.

Kevin Okera, Dubai