Woman who killed husband’s other wife to be released to look after children, Dubai court rules

The jealous Pakistani mother has only served 15 years of her life sentence but is set to be freed and deported, along with her brother and friend, who were accomplices in the murder.

DUBAI // A jealous woman who strangled her husband’s first wife in 1999 and dumped her body was on Tuesday granted early release from prison.

Pakistani R A was aided by her brother when she killed R B, a compatriot, in March 1999.

A friend who helped was also found guilty of pre-meditated murder.

The husband had his two wives living in the same house with their nine children, records show.

The woman had told prosecutors that the first wife had been a troublemaker and often fought with her.

She said the victim had also accused her brother, T A, of theft.

She and her brother decided the first wife had to be killed. They paid M H, also Pakistani, to kill the woman but he failed, so they decided to do it themselves.

She lured the victim to a bank in Sharjah, claiming their husband had asked her to sign some papers.

On the way, they stopped the car in a deserted area of Mirdif, pinned the first wife to the seat and strangled her. They disposed of her body in Al Dhaid.

They were arrested after the husband filed a missing persons report and then identified her body, which was found by police.

Prosecutors charged the three of forming a gang to kill the woman.

After serving 15 years, the three obtained a waiver from their victim’s family and a certificate of good conduct from the prison, as well as an undated letter written by her to the Rulers.

“I am very sorry for what I did. I am seeking God’s mercy and forgiveness, as well as your pardon,” she wrote.

“I was driven and seduced by the devil when I committed that huge mistake.

“I hope I am granted a second chance and released soon so that I can take care of my four children and R B’s five children, considering that my husband is now elderly.”

If Dubai Public Prosecution does not appeal the ruling, the three will be provided with air tickets and deported.


Published: June 10, 2014 04:00 AM