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What would you do with your own private island?

After Dubai DJ Brendan Lopez scooped an island in a competition, National readers have been quick to share their thoughts on how they would deal with the dream win

Brendan Lopez is now the proud owner of his very own private island. Chris Whiteoak / The National
Brendan Lopez is now the proud owner of his very own private island. Chris Whiteoak / The National

It is a hot topic that has sparked spirited debate at dinner parties and office canteens all over the world for countless years.

Just what would you do with your very own island? Who would you bring? Would you call yourself a president, emperor or a king?

For most that grapple with those questions, their musings are confined to the realms of fantasy.

For one Dubai man, however, it is now very much a reality he has to get to grips with after a once-in-a-lifetime competition win.

Brendan Lopez, 27, a Portuguese-Indian DJ brought up in Dubai, became the owner of a 2.42-hectare island in Nova Scotia this week.

On Monday, Mr Lopez was named the winner of the "Win a Private Island" competition, launched in April by Liv, an online bank run by Emirates NBD.

Along with his own island estate, the former newspaper photographer also scooped a Dh100,000 cash prize.

As Mr Lopez considers his next step, we asked National readers what they would do once fantasy island became very much real.

Our first question was the big one - what would you do if you won an Island in Canada?

At the time of publishing, only one out of four respondents said they would up sticks and live on the island.

Four out of ten agreed with the business-savvy plan to build log cabins and hire them out.

A mere 10 per cent said they would boost their inner harmony by running yoga retreats, while 25 per cent planned to flog the plot of land for as much as they could get.

Next, our survey asked 'who would you take with you'.

This answer has so far divided opinion far less, with the majority (79 per cent) revealing they would bring their family along.

Pet lovers were in short supply with nobody as of yet deciding to take their dog or cat, while 13 per cent would join with friends and eight per cent would go it alone in search of plenty of peace and solitude.

When asked what was most vital to have on the island, 4 out of 10 went for an internet connection, with more than 20 per cent plumping for 100 books. The UAE's resourceful Robinson Crusoe's - about 2 out of 10 respondents - said they would want an axe, a parka and mosquito repellent.

When urged to ponder how they would get to the remote island, most want to do it in style, with private jet travel the most popular answer?

How would you plan your island adventure? Take the quiz to share your thoughts.

Updated: October 18, 2019 02:53 PM

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