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Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 6 March 2021

UAE legal Q&As: Husband has been deported for unbeknown reason

A wife asks for advice as she tries to find out what happened to her husband and a parent asks about legal obligations of airlines when it comes to baggage.

Q: My husband was born in Abu Dhabi and was working at a reputable company. He had no criminal case against him but in October last year his office PRO advised him to report to the Shahama police station with his original passport. He went the next day where they took an eye scan and his fingerprints and told him to leave the country. He asked the reason why but they didn’t tell him rather just said his name was on the Ministry of Interior’s list. I am Indian (Sunni Muslim) and also born in Abu Dhabi, and my husband is a Pakistani (Sunni Muslim). We got married in Abu Dhabi and we have two kids here but since my husband left in October I am alone and a working mother, so it is very difficult to manage without my husband. I am very depressed and have no idea what to do. Please help me with any legal advice you can offer. Is this something that can be challenged retrospectively through the courts? Before he left my husband gave me an authorisation letter from the court, so I believe I can act on his behalf.

A: Since you have a power of attorney from your husband, according to article 20 of law number 20 from the year 1991, you can first find out the body which issued the deportation and the nature of the deportation that was issued against your husband. There are two types of deportation, an administrative deportation issued for certain security reasons and one issued by the court of law based on a criminal case against the person. Find out by visiting the police station that he was instructed to visit, in this case Shahama, and show them the power of attorney. If they do not know why he was deported they should at least be able to tell you which authority they referred your husband to for deportation and you can go and ask them the same questions, again showing your power of attorney. At this body you can file an application to its committee that is responsible for reviewing cases of deportation. They should study your husband’s case and your plea and then issue a final decision.

Q: My 15-year-old daughter recently travelled from Kuwait to Dubai with Jazeera Airways. The airline lost her luggage on the way. When it was found the next day, the airline refused to deliver it to her, saying that she would have to travel from Al Ain to collect it in Dubai. Does the airline have a legal obligation to deliver luggage it misplaced to its customers?

A: Airlines have regulations, internal rules and policies related to their services that are not in any way governed by law. There is no law that would force an airline to deliver your luggage to your home. While many airlines would provide this service, usually via a courier, if they had lost your luggage this airline clearly does not and, unfortunately, you will have to collect it from their office in Dubai.

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Published: March 6, 2016 04:00 AM


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