'Shock jockey' sellers arrested

Police arrest two men accused of selling robotic camel jockeys that could deliver electric shocks to the animals in order to make them run faster.

DUBAI // Two men have been arrested for allegedly selling robotic camel jockeys with an illegal electric shock feature.

Dubai Police said they set up an undercover operation following a tip that the duo was manufacturing and selling modified jockeys that can deliver shocks to make an animal run faster.

Police contacted the suspects and expressed interest in buying a number of jockeys for Dh15,000 each.

The cost of an ordinary robotic camel jockey is between Dh800 and Dh1,200. The suspects were reportedly selling their "shock jockeys" for up to Dh30,000.

Both men, from an unnamed Asian country, were arrested on Sunday evening near Al Lehbab Camel Racecourse after being caught red-handed.

Police also arrested an undisclosed number of people who were working in the suspects' manufacturing plant.

Maj Gen Khamis Al Mazeina, deputy head of Dubai Police, said, "Using electric shocks on a camel is a violation of animal rights and also against the rules of camel racing."

Anyone convicted of doing so faces up to three months in prison and a fine of up to Dh50,000. Camels belonging to those who are convicted are also confiscated.