Parents upset that children cannot play on green areas in Mudon

People living in the community, off Al Qudra road in Dubai, saying children can play only in areas with equipment.

Residents of Mudon Community are dismayed by a notice banning children from play in green areas. Satish Kumar / The National
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DUBAI // Parents are angered by a ban on children playing in green areas at a villa community.

People living in the Mudon Community, off Al Qudra Road, are upset about a notice sent by property manager Taziz advising children should only play in areas equipped for them.

The notice, Game Activities in Common Areas, warned that damage to landscaping or plants would be charged to the occupant.

“It has been observed that children are playing in undesignated community common areas and damaging the landscaping plus causing disturbance to nearby residents.

“Please note that community play areas have been designated by the developer with kids play equipment and rules in place. Kindly take note that there are no play grounds within Mudon Community where children can play football, etc,” stated the Taziz Property Management Solutions notice.

“Everybody is angry because how can kids be banned from playing in green spaces?” said Roderick, a Mudon resident.

“What are we meant to do? This is supposed to be a family-friendly community. Small play areas with swings and slides are okay for my two-year-old, but my six- and 11-year-old have nowhere to play if they don’t allow them to in the green spaces. What happens come September when most children come back? Where will kids play?”

A Dubai Properties media representative said there was no ban but play areas had been designated.

“There is a misunderstanding, children are not banned but should not play ball in those areas,” he said.

“The quiet, peaceful community areas in Mudon are not designated play areas for ball sports. Children are permitted to play in the children’s play area. In the quiet, landscaped areas no ball sports are allowed for convenience of residents.”

The dispute began after children were warned against playing in the open green space by another resident.

“We can confirm that the Dubai Police were called as a consequence of a private dispute between two residents at Mudon community,” he said, declining to comment further.

The developer has promised leisure facilities in a community centre and a park with multi-purpose courtyards for outdoor sports. No dates were given for this.

More than 300 homes have been handed over this year in Mudon.

“Children are going to make a noise, of course parents will control them, but this community has been sold as family-friendly,” said Mr Singh, a father of two.

“I love the community and it works perfectly for little ones. Every banner and poster here has happy families and children playing, cycling. Naturally elder kids will want to play football, they won’t play catch. The community centres are not open so for people who have invested money here where will their grown-up kids play?”