North Korean defendants refuse to use South Korean translator in court

Two North Korean defendants claim they have been forbidden by their government to speak to the South Korean translator they have been appointed, Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has heard.

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ABU DHABI// Two North Koreans on trial for attempted murder are refusing to give evidence because the translator would be from South Korea.

They say their government forbids citizens from speaking to translators from the South and have demanded someone from their own country.

The men are accused of the attempted murder of a group of Emirati men they were fighting with.

The brawl broke out after they went to an abandoned house in Al Shamka to look for a missing friend. There they started fighting with a group of Bangladeshi and Emirati men.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court was told they had refused to speak to any South Koreans.

“There is a problem between them and neither would agree to talk with each other,” said Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer.

A court official said there was not a North Korean embassy in the UAE, so they would approach the North Korean consulate in Dubai about finding a translator.

The judge suggested that all parties should try to reconcile, rather than allow the case go to trial.

The case was adjourned until December 22.