Man will be deported after flashing middle finger in Dubai road-rage incident

Egyptian also used abusive language against an Emirati Armed Forces captain after incident on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

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DUBAI // A road-rage incident has resulted in an Egyptian man being fined Dh5,000 and ordered to be deported.

M J, 31, was found guilty of committing an indecent act in public by showing his middle finger to Emirati Armed Forces Captain A A, 34, while they jostled for position in the fast lane on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road on January 28.

He was also found guilty of endangering the life of the Emirati after the Egyptian’s Nissan Tiida jumped suddenly in front of and crashed into the captain’s Toyota 4x4.

“I tried to avoid crashing into his car but he eventually hit me from the right side,” said the Emirati, who claimed that before he even said a word to M J, the Egyptian had flashed his middle finger and fled the accident scene.

The defendant, however, denied A A’s story and said the Emirati threatened him when he tried to change lanes.

“I was in the lane next to the left and tried to take the left one when he opened his window and threatened to hit my car if I shifted lanes,” said M J.

The Egyptian said he paid no attention to the threat and switched lanes anyway, which resulted in the crash.

When the Emirati parked on the other side of the road after the bump, he said the Egyptian again flashed his middle finger and insulted him with inappropriate language.

“I was waiting for the police patrol when he repeatedly knocked on my window and repeatedly [swore at me and] then flashed his middle finger at me,” said AA, who was on the phone to police at the time.

However, the Egyptian said: “When I headed to talk to him he was busy with his phone and dismissed me so I knocked on his window and, at that point, he screamed at me, saying that I’m not to touch his car.”

He denied flashing his middle finger but A A presented to court a picture of him doing so, a photo he took as he was trying to capture M J’s number plate.

The Egyptian will be deported after paying his fine.