Man ‘used forged documents to get Dh700,000 bank loan’

Pakistani accused of using a fake Emirates ID, salary certificate and bank statement to take the money from Dubai Commercial Bank.

DUBAI // A man accused of forging documents and using them to fraudulently obtain Dh700,000 from Dubai Commercial Bank, denied the charges at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday.

“All I did was cash the cheque,” said Pakistani A A, 44, without identifying who issued the cheque.

Prosecutors said he forged an Emirates ID card, a salary certificate from an engineering company and a statement from a bank he said his salary was paid into.

He is then said to have used the fake documents to apply for a loan.

The court was told he opened a bank account using the forged documents and when DCB approved his application for a loan, the money was deposited into that bank account.

He is also charged with returning to the country illegally after being deported.

The incident was discovered by 28-year-old Omani auditor M A, who told prosecutors that the defendant failed to pay the monthly instalments for the loan.

“Therefore, I contacted the company where he said he worked and from which he got us the salary certificate but they said they did not have an employee with that name,” said M A.

The bank reported the incident to police in September 2014 and the man was arrested.

Emirati policeman M A A, 26, said the defendant confessed that he obtained the forged documents from a fellow Pakistani, whom he identified as Jawad. After receiving the loan amount, he took his share of Dh250,000 and gave the rest to Jawad, he said.

“He told us that Jawad was the mastermind behind the whole scam,” said M A A.

Records show that in 2014, A A was involved in a similar case in which he used forgeries to apply for a loan of Dh408,000.

He was convicted and served six months in jail, after which he was deported. Months later, he returned to the UAE illegally.

A verdict will be issued on March 30.