Man high on drugs smashes up Dh60,000 of hospital equipment, Dubai court hears

Emirati became furious after doctor refused to prescribe him medication he wanted and, despite being in handcuffs, he managed to break three medical machines.

DUBAI // A man taken by police to Rashid Hospital for treatment for drugs smashed up Dh60,000 of medical equipment when a doctor refused to prescribe him what he wanted.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard that on January 15 last year, Emirati J B, 31, was at the hospital’s accident and emergency department to speak to a doctor after being brought in in handcuffs by policemen for an unspecified reason.

According to records, he demanded that the doctor prescribe him medication containing banned drugs.

When the doctor refused, the Emirati, despite being in handcuffs, managed to lift an ECG device, a resuscitation device and a third medical device and throw them violently to the floor, breaking all of them beyond repair.

Prosecutors charged him with deliberately damaging public property, which he denied in court.

Filipino nurse J K, 43, testified that he was present when the incident happened.

“He came with policemen and then, when I saw him heading to the pharmacy, he was angry and started screaming then he smashed the devices,” said the Filipino.

He added that the defendant first grabbed and pulled the devices and, before the policemen could restrain him, he picked them up and threw them.

The court found the Emirati guilty and sentenced him to one month in jail. He was also fined Dh60,400.

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Published: May 1, 2014 04:00 AM