Maid’s sponsors threatened with death over loan in Dubai

Egyptian claims the man's Filipino maid, whom he was in a relationship with, owed him Dh2,000, so he threatened the man and also called his wife nearly 20 times a day.

DUBAI // A sales representative sent 11 text messages to a Frenchman threatening to rip his heart out if his maid did not pay back Dh2,000 he had lent her.

Egyptian M A, 30, was found guilty of issuing threats, theft and using telecommunications to cause disturbance and send threatening messages. He was jailed for a month and was fined Dh3,000.

He sent the messages to M C, 39, in May and also called the Frenchman’s wife, A P, repeatedly from two different numbers threatening to ruin the couple’s lives.

“I received one of the messages, which said that our maid had taken Dh2,000 from the sender and that he wants his money back from the maid. He said he did not want to talk to the maid directly because she had taken a new boyfriend,” said the Frenchman in his testimony.

He then called the Egyptian to get to the bottom of the problem. “He told me he had an affair with the maid and that she forgot the keys to our house in his car,” said M S. “He also called my wife nearly 20 times a day for five days.

“He said he didn’t care what would happen to him because his life is not important to him, and that he will end my life.”

The Frenchman added that the maid was sent back to the Philippines after he cancelled her visa. It was not clear if this was before or after the threatening text messages.

The Egyptian denied having sexual relations with the maid, 23-year-old M R, saying that they had been just friends for 10 months.

“Then our relationship became tense because she had borrowed Dh2,000 from me and, on May 20, we met and I took her for dinner in a restaurant and as I drove her back to her sponsor’s villa in Arabian Ranches, we argued because she is not giving me back my money,” said the defendant.

He said that when she got out of his car she forgot her two smartphones and keys to the villa where she worked.

“She called me asking for her things back and I said OK but I sent her sponsor a message telling him that I want my money back in return for handing her the keys of the villa and her phones,” said M A, who denied he made any threats and said the sponsor never replied to him.

Before she left the country, the maid said she was in love with the Egyptian and that he had promised to marry her but then she found out he was married and broke up with him.

“When I met him on May 20, we agreed to meet so we can end things well,” she said. “I told him I can’t be with him since he is married so he got angry and took my phones and the villa key then dropped me off and drove away.”

She added that she did not even borrow money from him and that he, in fact, was asking for money from her in return for giving back the items he took.

The Egyptian will be deported after serving his sentence.

Published: December 3, 2014 04:00 AM


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