Maid pleads guilty to taking indecent pictures of sponsor’s daughter

The 31-year-old defendant distributed the pictures to her husband, ex-husband and cousin through social media, court hears

A housemaid has pleaded guilty to pornography charges after taking images of her sponsor's three-year-old daughter and distributing them online, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

The 31-year-old defendant, from Indonesia, admitted taking sexual pictures of a minor, creating pornographic materials and distributing pornography through social media.

“I hired the maid in May last year on the condition that she would not have a mobile phone. Two months later, I found out that she had a mobile phone. When asked, she said that she was using it to speak with her son and family,” her Iraqi employer, 40, told prosecutors

The employer took the phone from the maid, but later returned it so she could speak with her family.

The court heard that the victim's mother received a call from the nursery informing her that her daughter was not wearing shoes. When she asked the maid why, the employer discovered that the maid had another phone, court documents said.

It was not clear how the phones were discovered.

The sponsor contacted her husband and took the maid's two mobile phones. They then discovered pornographic pictures and videos on the phones.

The court heard that when the sponsor asked the maid about the pictures, she said that she took the pictures to send to her husband, ex-husband, cousin, and friend. When asked the reasons for taking the pictures, she replied in a offhand manner.

The mother claimed the maid told her that she sent the pictures using imo, WhatsApp and Facebook, according to court documents.

The mother reported the incident to Al Rashidiya Police Station on November 1, 2017.

After Sunday's admission, the hearing was adjourned until January 21.