Housemaid in Dubai accused of stealing sponsor’s passports and valuables

Filipina, 48, ran off after taking cash, diamond-plated necklaces, bracelets, rings and other valuables, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A 48-year-old maid stole thousands of dirhams worth of valuables from her sponsor’s house before running away, Dubai Criminal Court has been told.

Filipina MF is accused of stealing five passports from her Iranian sponsor, a chequebook, Dh7,000 in cash, seven diamond-plated necklaces, as well as seven bracelets, five rings, a gold-plated Rolex and a birth certificate.

The woman denies the charges relating to May 26, 2012.

Iranian AM, 35, testified that she left her apartment on the day of the incident at the same time as the defendant but each went a different way.

“When I returned I noticed that a small safe I kept in my bedroom was gone, and she had a spare key with her,” said the sponsor.

She said the theft must have happened between midnight and early morning on May 26, when she came back home.

The maid disappeared after the theft but was arrested a short time later.

It was not clear in records why it took two years for her case to be referred to court.

A verdict is expected on January 4.

Published: December 8, 2014 04:00 AM