Mers coronavirus diagnosed in patient in Abu Dhabi hospital

A 75-year-old-Omani in hospital in Abu Dhabi has the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, Health Authority Abu Dhabi has announced.

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ABU DHABI // A 75-year-old Omani is in hospital in Abu Dhabi suffering from the Mers coronavirus.

The victim, who was visiting the UAE, began to suffer from respiratory symptoms last month and is now in intensive care.

The diagnosis of Middle East respiratory syndrome was revealed by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi today, reported the state news agency Wam.

The health authority is coordinating with the Ministry of Health and other organisations as it treats the patient.

The authority said it had taken the necessary precautionary measures in line with international standards and recommendations set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The ministry said WHO issued the first international alert about the disease in September last year.

So far, the organisation has confirmed 150 cases of infection of Mers.

WHO has said the virus was now not a public health concern, and the current situation did not require travel bans to any country, screening at points of entry, or any trade restrictions.

The ministry assured the public that it was monitoring the situation closely to ensure everyone’s health and safety.