Demand for penoplasties increasing, UAE surgeons say

Men are turning to penile enhancement surgery for a confidence boost, say surgeons.

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ABU DHABI // Surgeons are reporting an increasing demand for men seeking penis enlargements.

Known as penoplasty, the operation lengthens or enhances the girth of the penis, and several plastic surgeons who perform the procedure said men were opting for the surgery to boost their self-esteem and confidence. However, they warned that a decision to have the procedure should not be taken lightly.

Dr Maurizio Viel and his twin brother Roberto Viel are both pioneers in the penoplasty procedure and perform hundreds of procedures each year at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery.

“Now it is becoming more and more demanded in the Middle East,” Dr Viel said.

Men seek this procedure for a number of reasons, he said. “There are certain men with penis that are so small that they have trouble using urinals. This is more common than people think, and it is known as ‘locker room syndrome’ where men will not undress in gym locker rooms in front of other men or use urinals.”

The surgery can give men a confidence boost, he said. “Our patients do confirm and tell us, and we have been doing this surgery for over 20 years now, and much of it comes from word of mouth, and these men are pleased with their results that they send their friends too.”

Other surgeons have noticed the procedure is becoming more popular.

“There are more requests for this type of surgery now,” said Dr Mohan Rangaswamy, from Plastic Surgery Works in Dubai, which also offers the procedure.

“With greater information available through the internet in the privacy of one’s home, more men want to explore that possibility.

“Also at play are factors such as the increase in numbers of women getting all sorts of plastic surgery done with the men feeling kind of left behind.

“Men have often commented to me that if women can get their breasts and faces fixed, why can’t they consider male enhancement?”

The surgeon said men should be cautious about having the surgery. “Male genital enhancement is not straightforward. It is a tricky procedure with risk of infection or tissue loss or deformities,” he said.

The gain in length was also often less than what the patient expected, he said. “However in the right kind of case, useful improvements are possible and it may be well worth it for both the patient and surgeon. But let us just say that is not for everyone and the limitations must be clearly understood.”

Dr Sanjay Parashar, consultant plastic surgeon and founder of Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic transformation in Dubai, said penoplasty is a common request.

“There is an increase in demand for this surgery,” he said. “We get calls and emails very often from males asking such procedures.”

Dr Parashar also urged caution, saying “I do not encourage this surgery unless there is a significant pathology or deformity of the penis,” he said.

Like all operations, penoplasty is not without risk. These include bleeding, infection, tissue loss and poor healing as well as scarring.

Dr Parashar said in more severe cases men can suffer penile loss.


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