Abu Dhabi patients get life-saving Covid-19 drug soon after diagnosis

Patients who are high risk and have mild or moderate symptoms are quickly treated with sotrovimab

Abu Dhabi is the first location Globally to recieve the first shipment of the new revolutionary anti-covid 19 medication.

Abu Dhabi residents who test positive for Covid-19 will be given a life-saving drug soon after their diagnosis if they are at risk of developing serious symptoms.

A new protocol means people with underlying health issues, for example, are given an IV drip at a network of first response clinics.

The assessment is made when Covid-positive patients report to collect a wrist band at a series of centres. They are assessed by a doctor and may be given other medication to help to alleviate symptoms.

Sotrovimab - one of a new wave of drugs to combat the coronavirus - is highly effective at reducing the symptoms of the virus and preventing hospitalisation.

Between 30 June and 13 July, 6,175 patients in the UAE received sotrovimab.

Last week, officials said no not one patient who had received the drug in the UAE has died - a 100 per cent effectiveness rate - and that 99 per cent avoided admissions to intensive care. The Emirates and the United States were the first countries to approve and roll it out for use.

Updated: July 29th 2021, 5:50 AM