Green Bus to roll into Dubai streets

The Green Bus, launched by the Roads and Transport Authority, may soon be rolling into the streets of Dubai as the authority tests out its latest environmental initiative.

Dubai's RTA launches its latest environmental initiative, the Green Bus, which is a bio-fuel run vehicle.
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DUBAI // A bus fuelled by bio diesel is currently being tested by the Roads and Transport Authority.

Known as the Green Bus, the authority's latest environmental initiative will be used as a feeder bus for the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro for the next six months.

In addition to running on bio diesel, the Green Bus is also fitted with solar powered LED lights. Recycled materials are used in different parts of the bus interior, including the floor and seats cover.

"This joint venture of experimenting with the use of bio fuels in our public buses is a vital national project, which will not only benefit the two parties of the agreement, but will benefit the environment," said Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, chief executive of the RTA's Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector. "This, in turn, will enhance public health and bring about dividends to future generations as well,"

Bio diesel produces 10 times fewer harmful green house emissions than regular diesel. "The waste left by the diesel used in the Public Transport Agency buses is almost negligible compared to the diesel used by other buses and trucks operating in the UAE."

The RTA is testing the bus in cooperation with SS Lootah International Group, one of the leading advocates of bio fuel technology in the UAE.

"This trend is now widely perceived as a necessary measure to reduce global warming, conserve natural resources, and recycle waste by transforming it into environment-friendly bio fuels," said Yousef Saeed Lootah chief executive of the group.

Mr Younes said the Green Bus initiative also fell in line with the Dubai Government Strategy 2015 for sustainable development, and was part of the strategic objectives of the RTA to achieve environmental and financial sustainability.