Egypt’s experience is critical to teach others about terror

The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs spokesman told an Abu Dhabi audience that Egypt was also at the forefront of combating terrorism.

ABU DHABI // Egypt’s presence at the Global CVE Communications Expo was crucial given its experience with terrorism, a spokesman for the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs said.

Badr Abdelatty said Egypt was at the front of battling extremism as it was an “extremely important issue for us”.

“We are with the view that without regional and international efforts no single country can defeat this ugly phenomenon,” Mr Abdelatty said.

“We are here to present our vision for countering terrorism, which is a comprehensive one.

“The security option is very important but not enough, and we have to adopt a comprehensive approach, which includes such events as this and how to combat extremist ideas through promoting moderate Islam, tolerance and equality.”

He said media was of paramount importance.

“Addressing the extremist ideas are very important, as well as promoting the correct principles of Islam and sharing information,” Mr Abdelatty said. “There is a tendency of focusing on security only, which is not enough.”

He said a comprehensive approach also meant not just focusing on one terrorist organisation.

“Western countries are only focusing on this threat, which is valid,” he said. “But it’s not enough because there are other terrorist groups in the region, stretching from Libya to Yemen, and they have the same extremist ideas. The Muslim Brotherhood is, of course, at the centre.”

Mr Abdelatty said that according to intelligence information, there was logistical coordination and cooperation among terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, ISIL and Ansar Al Sharia.

“It’s been proven they are coordinating on the operational level so it’s naive to focus only on one specific terrorist group,” he said.

“It’s very important to attend any forum to express our ideas and raise awareness of the international community that the danger of this threat can reach any country, and it’s not only confined to the Middle East.

“They’re knocking at the door of Europe and the US so it’s a very dangerous and global phenomenon and we have to work together to address its different aspects.”

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM


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