UAE to provide educational and mental health support for children of medical staff

Children of doctors, nurses and administrative staff at hospitals are eligible for assistance

The online tests have been designed and put in place as part of the distance learning programme. EPA

The UAE has begun an initiative to ensure the children of medical staff receive educational and mental health support amid the coronavirus outbreak.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Education launched Sanadcom - translated from Arabic as "your support" - which will bring teachers, technical staff, psychologists and counsellors together to support pupils with parents working to save Covid-19 patients and protect the rest of the country.

The initiative will support children in three main areas: academically, through e-learning; technically, by providing them devices; and psychologically, by giving them access to specialists.

The ministry said it was collating a database of children whose parents work as medical staff to ensure they have access to these services.

Volunteers who wish to help can sign up on the Teach for UAE platform.

Dr Amna Al Dahak, assistant undersecretary at the Ministry of Education, said the initiative would ensure children have access to quality education.

The initiative has been planned in co-operation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, who will provide necessary support.