Dubai court adds deportation to man’s sentence for stealing money

Yemeni appealed after getting a one-year sentence but the jail term was upheld and he will now be deported after completing it.

DUBAI // A customer service officer who claimed he needed change of a Dh500 note then stole money from a tea shop has had his one-year sentence for theft upheld at the Court of Appeal.

The court, however, added deportation to the sentence that was delivered earlier this year by the criminal court.

Yemeni E S, 27, stopped his car near the tea shop and asked for change while also asking to buy three prepaid mobile phone cards. However, once he took the cards and the change, he drove off without handing the Dh500 note to the shop assistant, A P.

The assistant grabbed a hold of the car as he tried to leave but the Yemeni pushed him and hit him with a plastic water bottle. The worker fell to the ground.

Police managed to track down the defendant through his finger prints, which were taken from the water bottle.

He was arrested shortly afterwards and police said he confessed to theft.

The criminal court sentenced him to a year in jail, which he appealed, but he lost and will now also be deported after completing his sentence.

Published: December 13, 2014 04:00 AM