Disgruntled computer programmer deported over multiple website hacks

Employee struck back at company over Dh4,000 pay dispute

A disgruntled computer programmer has been found guilty of hacking more than a dozen websites owned by his employer following a dispute over pay.

The man, 33, was handed a three-month suspended jail term and ordered to be deported from the UAE.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the IT specialist had hacked 15 websites after his company deducted Dh4,000 from his salary.

The company claimed they were entitled to reduce his pay as he had chosen to resign before the end of his probation period.

“He was informed that a deduction would happen if he resigned before the end of the probation period,” a partner at the company said.

“He sent the threatening WhatsApp messages to another programmer at the company.”

A police investigation found the man, from India, had accessed the company’s websites via his own laptop.

The programmer was convicted of causing serious disruption to the employer and ordered to be deported immediately.

Updated: April 15, 2019 04:58 PM