Crowds flock to RAK beaches to enjoy New Year’s Eve fireworks

People started heading to beaches as early as 11am on the last day of the year in order to secure a good spot to watch the festivities.

RAS AL KHAIMAH // The corniche and public beaches of Ras Al Khaimah barely had an empty spot as hundreds of people decided that was the perfect place to welcome in the new year with family and friends.

As early as 11am yesterday people were on the beaches picking the best spots opposite five-star hotels to enjoy a view of their firework displays when the clock struck midnight.

“I have decided that this will be a legendary New Year’s Eve for me and my small family, we will spend the entire day here at the beach, playing, barbecuing and when the moment comes, enjoy the fireworks. We are making unforgettable memories of the day,” said 40-year-old Lebanese Ahmad Mahmoud, a dentist who is in the country on a visit with his wife, his two daughters, 12 and 11, and his son, 6.

Egyptian Adam Khalid, 50, was wandering the beach and discussing the best location for a day out with the family.

“We are a big big family which has seen a lot in 2014. Like many others, it had its good and bad and we want to close the chapter of 2014 and start the new year with a good memory,” he said.

Mr Khalid said they were being picky about the location of their site because, with 17 adults and 11 children in their group, they did not want to disturb other partying families.

The Jordanian family of Younis Mohammed, 39, celebrated at their villa by barbecuing a whole lamb.

“We are doing it in a way we call ‘zarb’, we place the lamb in a big barrel on top of burning wood after it turns into embers. The barrel is actually buried in the earth, then we close it firmly and cover it with sand and leave it for about four hours.

“You can’t start your year with something more delicious than this, I tell you,” he said.

Published: December 31, 2014 04:00 AM