Kissing teens to be deported from the UAE

Two teenagers caught kissing in the bushes are sentenced to deportation.

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DUBAI // Two teenagers caught kissing in the bushes outside the police academy are to be deported.

They were caught in June last year by a guard, Emirati E?M, 26.

He said they “were sitting on a small rug and kissing”, and the girl’s shirt was unbuttoned.

“When she saw me she buttoned up and her boyfriend told her to run away,” the officer said.

He claimed the boy started hitting him, so he called for two colleagues to help.

At the Misdemeanours Court,  the teenagers S?S, 15, and his girlfriend R?J, 16, both from India, denied engaging in an intimate act in a prohibited area.

The boy also denied assaulting the police officer.

He said they were out for a walk when a man walked past and shoved his girlfriend, prompting him to defend her.

“I started chasing the man and jumped over a fence,” he said. “It was only later that I discovered I was in the police academy.

“We were not doing anything inappropriate. I was just holding her because she was frightened.”

The girl said she followed her boyfriend but did not know they were on the academy’s premises.

“We only remained there for about five minutes,” she said.