Incest, pregnancy sentence upheld at Cassation Court

Police officer had sex with his niece, prosecutors say.

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DUBAI // The emirate's highest court today upheld a prison sentence issued in June against a police officer for having consensual sex with his 23-year-old niece and impregnating her.

KS, 26, an Emirati, was sent to prison for two years.

The Dubai Court of Misdemeanours sentenced the officer to one year in prison for having sex and one year for consumption of drugs. The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict, and the Court of Cassation confirmed it today.

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The niece, identified as AA, a bank employee, was sentenced to three months in prison.

Court records said that in February 2010, KS took his niece from her work place at the Burj Khalifa, drove to a remote area in Al Warqaa, then had unprotected sex with her in the car.

AA, who said she was threatened by her uncle, discovered she was pregnant the month after the incident and called KS for help. She told prosecutors he promised to help her abort the pregnancy, but stopped answering her calls.

AA said she told her aunt, the suspect’s sister, who informed AA’s separated parents, records show.

Her father, AS, insisted on reporting the incident and took his daughter to Al Qusais police station in September 2010, when AA was seven months pregnant.

AA told prosecutors her uncle used to pick her up from work and take her to the deserted area to teach her how to drive. On the day of the incident, she said, he told her he liked her body and was thinking about her all the time.

She turned him down, she told prosecutors, adding that she reminded him she was his niece. She claimed he threatened to kill her with an army knife he kept in his car, according to records.

AA was engaged to another man when the incident happened, but the relationship has since ended, records show.

KS told prosecutors he did not threaten her and he doesn’t carry a knife. He added that the incident happened with her consent but that he can not remember any of the details because he was drugged.

“I took 13 pills of drug addiction medications and can't remember what exactly happened,” he told prosecutors.