Dubai policeman assaulted fellow officers after trespassing at woman's home, court hears

Emirati man allegedly refused to leave woman's home unless she agreed to marry him

A Dubai policeman assaulted fellow officers who arrested him for trespassing at a woman's home, a court heard.

The Emirati officer, 26, fell on the wrong side of the law after allegedly refusing to leave the woman's home in Al Barsha, Dubai, unless she agreed to marry him.

Police called to the scene found their colleague sitting in the woman's living room, unwilling to leave, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

A police officer told the court they were ordered to remove the man from the property after he "refused to leave quietly".

He said he was forced to handcuff the man after he turned violent.

“I grabbed him to take him out but he started resisting and hit me on the chest and, even after I handcuffed him, he continued to hit me,” said the officer.

Other officers had to assist him in restraining the man, who was then taken into custody.

The nature of the relationship between the police officer and the complainant was not made clear in court records.

The defendant denied a trespassing charge at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday.

The incident is alleged to have taken place in September, 2017.

The case was adjourned until June 25.

Published: June 9, 2019 03:51 PM