Cross-dresser jailed for tricking health inspector into stripping

Cross-dressing beauty salon worker who burned a municipality inspector with a laser is sentenced to two years in prison.

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DUBAI // A cross-dressing beauty salon worker who watched a female municipality inspector strip in front of him was today sentenced to two years in jail.

The municipality officer, EF, a 39-year-old from Sudan, was assigned to visit the salon on January 25 this year to carry out an undercover inspection.

When she arrived, EJ, a 42-year-old Filipino posing as a woman, took her to a nearby apartment where cosmetic treatments were said to be carried out. The flat was equipped with a bed, resuscitation tools and other surgery tools. The inspector was told a doctor visited once a week to carry out cosmetic operations.

The cross-dressing salon worker then took the inspector to the laser-treatment room and asked her to take off her clothes. The inspector assumed the worker was a woman as he had long hair, wore women's clothes, perfume and make up, and had manicured hands. He had also been taking breast enlargement tablets.

He then used a laser treatment device to remove hair from the inspector's armpits, but burnt her in the process. It was only after the inspector complained and police went to arrest the salon worker that his true gender became clear.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted EJ of cross dressing, pretending to be a woman, tricking a woman into undressing in front of him, assault and practicing medicine without the proper permits. He will be deported after completing his sentence.