Cop jailed for securing female inmate’s release so she could work in brothel

The police major forged documents so the Indonesian woman could be released from jail to work as a prostitute

ABU DHABI // A police major who authorised the release of a female prisoner so she could work as a prostitute in a brothel has been jailed for eight years.

On Monday, Z S H, an Emirati was sentenced to five years by the Criminal Court for cooperating with Bangladeshis S A, M K and F M to encourage inmate R D, from Indonesia, into prostitution and adultery.

He was also sentenced to three further years for helping police officers H M and R F, also Emiratis, to forge police reports and using them while knowing they were forged.

H M and R F were also sentenced to three years in jail.

R D was sentenced to four years for prostitution.

S A, M K and F M were all jailed for 10 years for running a brothels and persuading R D to work as a prostitute. They were, however, cleared of paying bribes.

At a previous hearing, Z S H had denied the charges, saying they were fabricated by people with a grudge against him. He said his position meant he had arrested more than 11,000 visa violators, so many people sought revenge against him.

R D had told the court that she was transferred from prison into an apartment where she had sex with 10 to 12 men a day. She said she was only paid Dh12 to Dh15 per client, while the three Bangladeshi men kept the rest of the money.

The Criminal Court also sentenced the non-Emirati defendants to deportation after serving their sentences.

Published: May 12, 2014 04:00 AM