Abu Dhabi’s Dh15m jackpot: Indian woman who forgot she purchased lottery ticket strikes lucky

Thasleena Puthiya Puryail, who lives in Qatar, is the latest Abu Dhabi Big Ticket winner

Thasleena Puthiya Puryail (second to right) won the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket's Dh15 million jackpot. Courtesy: Big Ticket 

An Indian homemaker in Qatar won Dh15 million in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket with a raffle ticket she did not even remember buying.

Thasleena Puthiya Puryail, 40, has three children, aged between one and 21 years old. Her husband is an entrepreneur who runs restaurants.

Her winning ticket number was 291310 and was drawn during a live stream on social media, with tens of thousands of people watching.

Ms Puryail's name was announced during a social media live stream on Wednesday. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Big Ticket  

"I wasn't even watching the live stream. This was the first time I bought a ticket and I completely forgot about it," she told The National minutes after she was made aware she had become a multimillionaire by Big Ticket organisers.

“I’m in a complete state of shock and just can’t believe this is true.”

Ms Puryail said she and her family are “well off” but she was still overjoyed after winning the grand amount.

A previous winner, who received a Dh20 million jackpot picked out Mr Puryail's ticket from the large box of entries.

Abdussalam NV, 28, made a special appearance during the live stream. Last month, the expatriate living in Oman made headlines when he could not be reached after being announced as the winner.

Thasleena Puthiya Puryail's winning ticket number was 291310. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Big Ticket  

Organisers were able to get a hold of him a day later, after his friend passed on his correct number to them.

During the latest live draw, he advised viewers to purchase lottery tickets “with good intentions”.

He told The National previously that he aimed to donate some of his winnings to a charity that helps underprivileged families pay for their daughters' weddings. He also split the funds with six of his colleagues.

As part of a separate reward in Dubai, a single mum from the Philippines won Dh1 million last month.

Nina Elmina Sanchez, 32, entered a raffle draw by Al Ansari Exchange after sending her elderly father Dh186.

She used to earn Dh2,000 working as a hotel receptionist.