Abu Dhabi falconry workshop hopes to boost sport’s profile

Workshop aims to raise falconry's profile on a Unesco list of cultural practises.

ABU DHABI // The capital is hosting a falconry workshop on Monday to boost the sport’s profile on a Unesco list of cultural practices from around the world.

Organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, the workshop brings together representatives from the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Syria, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Korea and Spain.

Also taking part in the two-day workshop will be officials from Germany, Italy, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, who hope to be included in Unesco’s file on falconry, taking into account their regard of the sport as part of their cultural heritage.

Dr Nasser Ali Al Humairi, director of the Intangible Heritage Department at TCA Abu Dhabi said roughly 30 countries are expected to be part of the file over the next ten years.

The workshop, held by the UAE every time countries are asked to enlist, will also discuss falconry’s characteristics, recent accomplishments in preserving the sport, and means of raising further awareness.

TCA Abu Dhabi is also working with the Sultanate of Oman to have Al Taghrouda poetry and Al Ayyala traditional dance added to Unesco’s list, and nominate Arabian coffee, traditional majlis and Al Harbiyah dance to be associated with Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.


Published: March 8, 2015 04:00 AM