DUBAI // A man has appeared before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours accused of assaulting his wife and her pregnant sister.

Emirati K A, 30, a Dubai Police employee, assaulted his wife, F A, and her sister, S A, on September 19 when they tried to leave his house, prosecutors said.

He denied the accusation and said that his wife wanted to go to her family’s home but he refused to take her. A few minutes later, her sister arrived and struck him with a jar.

“She started saying that she will take my wife against my will so I pulled my wife inside the living room and asked her sister to leave, but she wouldn’t and managed to take my wife with her then headed out,” said K A.

The incident happened at the couple’s house in Oud Al Mutaina at about 7pm.

K A said that he did not assault his wife but was merely pushing her into the house to prevent her from leaving. Prosecutors said that K A confessed to hitting his wife with a cable.

F A, 28, said that she had previously filed for divorce from K A because he assaulted her.

“He asked me to call my sister to come and pick me up to take me to my family’s house in Sharjah, but about an hour later he changed his mind and said that I couldn’t go. I told him that my sister had arrived and she was just outside. He got up and assaulted me. My sister walked in at that moment as he was hitting me and he did not spare her, he assaulted her too,” F A said.

She said K A slapped her, kicked her several times and also tried to strangle her with his hands before he whipped her with a cable. When F A tried to leave the house, she said she was assaulted again before K A pushed her to the floor.

“When I walked towards the main door, it opened up and I saw him hitting her,” said SA, who managed to take her sister before going to the police.

“I am four months pregnant, and he pushed me,” said S A, who added that K A also threatened to run her over.

A verdict is expected on December 30.

Published: December 27, 2014 04:00 AM