Skeletal remains of the deceased were found in a deserted area of Jebel Ali three years after the murder.

DUBAI // An Asian man has been arrested over the murder of his colleague six years ago.

RS is in custody but Dubai Police chief Maj Gen Khamis Mattar Al Muzeina said that another Asian man, MMM, has been implicated in the 2008 murder but that he is not currently in the UAE.

“In 2011, we received a report that there were remains found in Jebel Ali near one of the gates,” he said. “Once the Criminal Investigation Department reached the scene, they found a mere skeleton of a man, deteriorated clothes and a knife next to the body.

“Based on a preliminary investigation by the forensic doctor, the cause of death was most probably stabbing.”

Maj Gen Al Muzeina said that police were able to identify the body after they found an ID card near the scene of the crime belonging to the victim.

“Upon further investigation, it turned out that the victim’s sponsor had filed an absconding case against him when he went missing,” he said.

Maj Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant to the chief commander at Criminal Investigation Affairs, said that the police began to investigate a number of employees who worked at the victim’s company.

“We were able to narrow down the list of suspects, however, because it had been a long time since the crime had been committed, some had left the country and/or company,” he said.

“We disseminated details of the suspects to each of the country’s entry points so that they can immediately be taken in for questioning.

“We were unable to issue international arrest warrants as there was still no irrefutable evidence implicating any of the suspects in a crime.”

Maj Gen Al Mansouri said one of the suspects, RS, arrived in Sharjah on a work visa and was taken in for questioning.

“The suspect admitted that he was not on good terms with the victim, confessed to the crime, after which he took the police to the exact location of where the victim’s body was found,” he said.

“RS also admitted that MMM helped him bury the body of the victim, who RS said embarrassed him by rudely telling him to leave a meeting point in Jebel Ali where workers would get together to drink alcohol.

“RS said he was humiliated in front of MMM and so stabbed the victim.”

A report will be sent to prosecutors for a criminal case to be opened.

Published: August 16, 2014 04:00 AM


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