Video of incident doing rounds on What's App and BlackBerry Messenger.

Thaer Zuriekat

SHARJAH // A 24-year-old African woman astonished pedestrians on Al Wahda street when she took off her clothes and walked naked along the street.

The incident, which happened three months ago, has come to light after a video started spreading through What’s App and BlackBerry Messenger.

“The African lady was behaving erratically,” said a store owner that saw the woman.

In the video, the naked woman can be seen walking in front of shops and shouting, to the surprise of passing pedestrians and drivers.

One driver stopped his car and tried to prevent the woman from crossing the road but she pushed him away. The incident created a major traffic jam on the street.

After several attempts to stop her, a group of people managed to take the woman inside one of the stores after police were called.

Some who tried to catch the woman said she was very strong, preventing her from being stopped sooner.

Once inside the shop, the woman was calmed down and convinced to put her clothes on again.

Lieutenant Colonel Yousuf Bin Harmol said: “Female police officers treated the woman in a humane way, and gave her water and calmed her down before taking her in.

“This behaviour is unusual in our country.”

The woman was charged with indecent exposure and was sentenced to one month in prison, to be followed by deportation.

Published: May 30, 2014 04:00 AM