Time to panic, over at Wahda?

The Pro League's defending champions failed to score a goal again tonight. Final score: Al Wahda 0, Al Ain 0.

In four matches, Wahda has been shut out three times. The only game it managed to score? Against Kalba, the leakiest defense in the league. Wahda put in three that night ... and an hour after the game fired their coach, Laszlo Boloni.

The move from Boloni to Adenor Leonardo Bacchi -- Tite -- was supposed to get Wahda on track.

Well, it hasn't. This doesn't look like a side that can score against any semi-organized defence.

What are the problems? Where to begin?

--Speed. Wahda has none. Not where it matters. Fernando Baiano, the Brazilian striker, is a squishy 31 years old. Maybe he could run, a decade ago, but he has the physique of a pub side forward. Some complain about how he never works back on defence. Well, how can he? It takes him 30 seconds to drag himself into scoring range, so he's gotta stay in the attacking half at all times. I wonder if Tite could beat him in a 40-yard dash ...

Then there is Magrao, the startingly big attacking mid. He and Baiano have to be the two slowest Brazilians on the planet who 1) play for the same side and 2) start and 3) make a lot of money doing it. It just kills Wahda to have no pace in the middle of the field.

--Ismail Matar. He ought to be the alternate source of goals for Wahda, but he is in a slump that can be measured in years. Still has some speed, but his scoring touch is gone. Easily dispossessed, he can't carry the ball close enough to score, and he is too short to score in the air. And you can say that for Mohammed al Shehhi, too. Nice guy, but he has shown no signs of being dangerous on the attacking end.

--Hugo. Wahda's last chance at getting help from a foreign passport, and two games into his UAE career, he looks like a good athlete with no appreciable football skills. Can't hold the ball, can't get into position for shots. He can run, though. Which makes him useful working back.

--Pinga. The machine that made the Wahda offence work a year ago ... is now playing for Ahli. The clever and quick playmaker is missed. Massively. Insert him into this side, and Wahda could have gotten a real forward instead of Hugo, and Baiano might even be able to score because Pinga would bring him the ball and put it on a tee for him. Plus, Pinga would take all the restarts and convert a few. He was let go ... why?

Wahda has not scored a goal in 210 minutes -- and that doesn't include extra time. (Thus, it's more like 225 frutiless minutes.) Scoreless the last 30 minutes against Kalba, scoreless tie with Jazira on the road, scoreless tie with Al Ain at home.

And the 2-0 loss to Wasl in the first week.

We have issues here, ladies and gentlemen, and the country's football establishment has to be 1) scared to death of Wahda pulling an Ahli and crashing out of the Fifa Club World Cup vs. Oceania in Game 1 and 2) definitely grateful that December 8 is still 10-plus weeks away.

Tite is going to have to invent something here, because the transfer window is shut, and the starting lineups he has used in his first two weeks here have been almost comically inept.at organising an attack. Maybe Ahli will lend Pinga back for a week? Maybe Wasl would let them have Francisco Yeste and Ain would send over Jose Sand?

Barring that sort of generosity ... not allowed, anyway ... Wahda have a long way to go to be a dangerous side.